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My name is Dr. Suzanna Braeger. I am a Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist.
If you are searching for long-term solutions in your health and nutrition and feeling lost among different – sometimes contradictory – information, you have come to the right place!
My mission is to improve health and lifestyle through personal empowerment, provide science-based information, and guide towards personal health goals.

I believe in the healing power of nature. I believe that every one of us depends on a balanced connection to nature. We can lose this connection in many ways. Many of us lead indoor sedentary lifestyle and exposed to chronic stress. Many of us eat processed food and our body lacks natural, fresh food and micronutrients. All of these factors can lead to health problems and may manifest themselves in weight gain, depression or diseases. Enabling the body to reconnect with nature with the help of natural approach to healing and wellbeing – using diet, herbs, lifestyle changes – can restore a healthy balance to individuals.

I am happy to share with you how to achieve a well-balanced diet, how to introduce healthy habits into your lifestyle that serves your health, your body and your mind. I will also equip you with the right roadmap to guide you along the way towards a healthier and happier life.



I have been guiding and training people for over 10 years throughout Europe and the United States by providing a better understanding about their body and health.
I am instructing individuals and leading courses for nutritionists as well as for yoga teachers.
My main goal is to provide individuals with the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle and gain physical and mental balance.

Whether you are looking to improve your health and nutrition or want to become a coach yourself, my training programs can guarantee a unique science-backed, evidence-based and experiential practical training that will help you to achieve your goals.


Holistic Nutrition, Naturopathy, Exercise Theory, Stress Management, and Mindfulness

A holistic approach is the basis of my work and methods. In my praxis, Holistic Nutrition, Ayurveda and Mindfulness are some of the top tools. By applying these powerful methods into your life, you can regain your health, fitness, well-being, and a positive connection with Nature and with your inner Self.

I see physical and mental problems (such as weight gain, depression, insomnia, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal diseases, to mention just a few) as a result of a lost balance between body and mind, as well as a loss of connection to nature. This connection can be rebuilt by personalized well-balanced nutrition, mindfulness and a holistic health roadmap.



I have been struggling with stress eating and mood swings for more than five years. After a while I started to strongly dislike my own body and mind. My days were stagnating, and I felt trapped within my own body. Thanks to your program, it took me only a couple of weeks and I started to feel the positive effect of the holistic lifestyle already…

Sarah from New Jersey

Suzanna is a very structured and well prepared health coach with a lovely soul. She is able to listen carefully, and she sees the big picture that I could not see, because I focused too much on my day-to-day problems. With the help of her holistic guideline, I was able to figure out the core of my health problems and she basically taught me how to heal myself. The knowledge she provided is priceless…

Elise from Amsterdam

I had a Holistic Health Coaching consultation with Dr. Braeger. I had tried every possible remedy for my recurring headaches and sleeping problems. None of the medical or health treatments I have tried before had a long-term effect. I have never thought that herbs and spices have such an amazing influence with the right food combination. I have not only learned how to relieve stress and headache, but also learned how to design my own diet that serves my health and well-being.

Katarína from Prague

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