Holistic Health Coaching

Living a holistic lifestyle has far-reaching benefits that are both physical and mental.

Its roots are found in ancient natural healing systems. The whole philosophy and practice of nature cure is built on basic principles. It means living your life and healing your body through natural remedies. What is unique about the holistic way of living is, instead of looking at diseases and health issues as a physical state, you observe your entire body and your surroundings as a whole, and try to understand the cause of the problem.

Holistic Health Coaching is a constructive method of self-development which aims at giving individuals the right tools and knowledge with which they will be able to remove the basic cause of diseases, instead of curing only the symptoms. Nature cure, Ayurveda and Mindfulness are the most powerful tools applied in holistic health care. Their body-mind-spirit approach is not only entirely holistic in its application, but also emphasizes personal empowerment. Thus, the aim of a holistic health coach is to teach her/his client to heal themselves.
During one-on-one online coaching sessions, you have the possibility to explore the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. I go through with you a specified Health-Diet-Lifestyle analysis to get a closer picture about your health status, body composition, and current lifestyle as well as health problems. After identifying the key areas of concern, we explore the imbalances in your body. With the help of natural remedies, we build a personalized program that aims to improve your health and well-being. We will also list your strengths and weaknesses, struggles and opportunities. At the end, I will help you to set realistic goals that you can reach with a personalized roadmap. The program is a 6-week program that includes:
Guidance in Nutrition and Nature cure, Stress Management, Mindful Living, and you will also receive a Personalized Exercise Program. At the end of the six weeks, you will be able to experience improvements in both physical and psychological symptoms, as well as positive changes in health attitudes and behaviors. It is up to you how dedicated you are and how much you want to become a healthier and happier person. Once you decide, keep going and take mindful actions towards a fulfilling holistic health and lifestyle.

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