I have completed the Functional Nutritionist Course organized by Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy.  I have had extremely positive feedback on both the training and the instructor. In terms of the course material, we got much more out of the training than what was promised beforehand. The consultations were held in a super atmosphere and there was always an opportunity to discuss any questions that arose. I consider the training unique because throughout the consultations and the e-mail question and answer sessions, I felt that it was important not only for me, but also for the Academy that I was here and that I wanted to improve. I would also definitely like to highlight the attention the instructors have spent on this training to help us to work with our prospective clients.
Thank you for the opportunity to learn with you.
Best regards,

Greta From London

Dear Suzanna!
Please allow me to thank you in particular for all the help and useful, life-changing knowledge and advice I have received from you along the Holistic Health Coach online course.
You made this training so magical with your immeasurably valuable knowledge and your wonderful energy and personality! I feel grateful for having started this course and for having known you!
And a special thank you for the personal advice I received from you regarding my own problems, the pieces of the puzzle have come together and I am more confident to start my healing and self-empowerment journey!
With love,

Julia From Budapest

Hi Suzanna!
To start with, your presentations are simply fantastic! Everything is guided through with diagrams and illustrated explanations, which makes learning much easier. ☺️
Every session you have at least 1-2 sentences that reinforce what I’m doing and then that sentence motivates me all day long, and it’s extremely empowering to keep improving. So THANK YOU! I have got much more than I paid for! 🙏🏼❤️

Viktoria from Kiel

I have been struggling with stress eating and mood swings for more than five years. After a while I started to strongly dislike my own body and mind. My days were stagnating, and I felt trapped within my own body. Thanks to your program, it took me only a couple of weeks and I started to feel the positive effect of the holistic lifestyle already. I learned how to eat mindfully according to my body type, how to incorporate breathing exercises, natural remedies, and mood boosting yoga exercise into my busy daily schedule. Applying your method for more than a month, I feel more energetic and radiant, and I feel finally attractive and happy again. I am more prepared for challenges that life throws at me, and most importantly, I can now walk confidently and happily towards my future goals.
With gratefulness

Sarah from New Jersey

Suzanna is a very structured and well prepared health coach with a lovely soul. She is able to listen carefully, and she sees the big picture that I could not see, because I focused too much on my day-to-day problems. With the help of her holistic guideline, I was able to figure out the core of my health problems and she basically taught me how to heal myself. The knowledge she provided is priceless. I have completed a 6-month-program that resulted in so many positive changes in my life. Not only I have lost 15 kilograms, but I have developed such a harmonic connection with my own body. I am stronger, more flexible, more energetic and happier! I am also more peaceful and content due to the easily doable daily exercise program. I am convinced that nature’s cure with a specific yoga program can be the answer for many of our health problems. I cannot wait to start her training program as a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach.With gratefulness

Elise from Amsterdam

I had a Holistic Health Coaching consultation with Dr. Braeger. I had tried every possible remedy for my recurring headaches and sleeping problems. None of the medical or health treatments I have tried before had a long-term effect. I have never thought that herbs and spices have such an amazing influence with the right food combination. I have not only learned how to relieve stress and headache, but also learned how to design my own diet that serves my health and well-being. The exercise program consists of well combined Yoga and Pilates movements which toned my entire body and at the same time I became flexible, and most of all, I have no more hormonal imbalances.  This has had an amazing effect on my whole life. I’m grateful that I listened to my gut feeling and tried the personalized program that Dr. Braeger put together for me. I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

Katarína from Prague

Dear Suzanna,
I am very grateful that I found your Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant course, and with it You. You gave us excellently well-structured lectures, knowledge and your incredibly positive personality multiplied the value of the study materials. You provided a great motivation and set the level high in terms of knowledge.
Thank you for everything,

Peggy from Budapest

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